Incorrect RP quotes

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Incorrect RP quotes

Message par Agnes Cheshire le Dim 13 Mai - 18:26

Suite à une demande populaire, je ramène le concept ici~
L'idée était initialement pour mon forum mais bon, comme c'est assez basique je vais pas ficher un copyright dessus, et puis je sais que je m'amuserai à en faire ici aussi !

Donc il n'y pas vraiment de règles pour celui-là, pas d'ordre pour poster ou quoi. Le principe est tout simplement de prendre une quote d'une œuvre, d'une personne ou un personnage existant, et de l'associer à votre personnage. Évidemment ce sera basé sur "ce que le personnage pourrait dire" et évidemment de l'humour et des exagérations~
Pour mieux comprendre comment ça se passe vous pouvez voir ces blogs tumblr qui le font :
Incorrect Corpse Party Quotes
Incorrect Smosh Games Quotes
Incorrect Death Note Quotes
Incorrect Danganronpa Quotes
(ou bien évidemment d'autres)

Vous pouvez prendre les quotes de ces blogs, vu que ce sont principalement les plus célèbres, et celles qu'on retrouve le plus souvent (donc on imagine, les meilleures).
Vous êtes libres d'en proposer autant que vous voulez à la fois, autant de fois que vous voulez (même si on évite le double post, n'est-ce pas)~
Si vous avez une idée qui marcherait pile-poil pour le personnage de quelqu'un d'autre vous pouvez aussi la proposer - et évidemment vous pouvez faire des dialogues~
(Désolée aux anglophobes, c'est de l'anglais partout)

Voici mes premières propositions, même si ça va être soft parce que je suis très occupée :

Rozetta: Today we are learning how to make tea.
Rozetta: While you wait for your tea water to boil, reflect on all your regrets.
Rozetta: *sighs*
*eighty-three minutes later*
Rozetta: *crying*

*someone knocks on their room's door*
Owain: You wanna get that?
Jan: And interact with people? No thanks.

Owain: Tell me something. How do you ask a girl out?
Anko: Simple. You open the door and say, "Get out, you're bothering me."

Lillia: Why are people so obsessed with top or bottom? Honestly, I would be excited just to have a bunk bed.
Owain: Lillia, no.

"If I had learned to laugh as a child, I would right now" - Jan

Jan: Wow. You know every one of my stories.
Adele: And you know every one of mine. I guess it’s official… we’re an old married couple.
Jan: Nice!
Adele: We did it!

Agnes Cheshire

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Re: Incorrect RP quotes

Message par Mikako Bery le Dim 13 Mai - 18:51

Anko : You're gonna die.
Rozetta : We're all gonna die.
Owain : (in the background) Ooh a butterfly !

Mikako: Luce assembled a VERY FLATTERING OUTFIT.
Tifani: I know you're gay but please try to keep your composure.

Owain: What you got there ?
Rozetta: (running to the Cliff) Depression !!
Owain: NO!!!!

Lillia: Is there a word that's a mix between angry and sad?
Rozetta: Malcontented, disgruntled, miserable, desolated...
Owain: Smad.

Owain, texting Luce: What do you call the meme king?
Owain: u madjesty
Luce: How dare you make me read this with my own two eyes.

Owain: Hey, you wanna count shoulders?
Anko: (laughs) Okay.
Owain: (counting his own shoulders) one, two
Owain: (putting his arm around Anko) three, four
Owain: (climbing over him to reach the next seat) FIVE, SIX, SEVEN

Rozetta: (to Owain) Thanks, dad.
Rozetta: ...Why is everyone staring at me?
Lillia: You just called Owain 'dad'.
Rozetta: What? No, I didn't. I said 'thanks, man'.
Owain: Do you see me as a father figure, Rozie?
Rozetta: No, if anything, I see you as a bother figure because you're always bothering me.
Lillia: Hey, show your father some respect!

Anko: Are you gay?
Luce: No.
Anko: You can tell me.
Luce: I’m not.
Anko: It’s okay. I’m gay. Mikako’s gay.
Mikako: Bye
Anko: Oh, sorry. She’s bi.
Mikako: No, I’m going home for the day. I’m gay.

Rozetta: And now for a message of hope.
Owain: A message of hope! Right on time.
Rozetta: Everything's garbage.
Owain: Ah.

"Oh, I survived. Brilliant. Love it when I do that." -Owain after being chased by a wild cat.

(that's a lot of Owain and Rozetta D% gotta admit i love their dynamic)

Mikako Bery

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Re: Incorrect RP quotes

Message par Katsue Hirotori le Dim 13 Mai - 19:37

Hisahi: Hey Rozetta, do you want me to do a tarot card reading for you?
Rozetta: Oh, sure!
Hisashi: *lays down cards* Alright, this one tells me you’re a precious angel, this one says your smile is heavenly, and-
Rozetta: Hisashi, these aren’t even tarot cards, they’re just pictures of me.

Tifani, watching Luce drink coffee: Why are you making that face? Is the coffee bad or something?
Luce: Owain put salt in my coffee as a prank, but I'm going to continue to drink it because I'm petty and I refuse to let him win.

Katsue: How the hell did you get in here?
Owain: I could ask you the same question!
Owain: okay, I could ask you a different question

Owain: [enters the room in a new outfit]
Owain: Jan, tell me, how do I look?
Jan: With your eyes, Owain.

Luce: *hears noise*
Luce: what the FUCK is up SPIRITS, no what did you say, WHAT THE FUCK DUDE, STEP THE FUCK UP SPIRITS

Owain: I can't find Rozetta anywhere!
Luce: Okay, Calm down. What does she look like?
Owain: (tearing up) Beautiful.

Katsue: Now release all the sounds that are trapped in your mind.

Katsue Hirotori

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Re: Incorrect RP quotes

Message par Tifani Stanley le Dim 13 Mai - 20:02

Tifani: That shirt is great, Luce.
Luce: Thanks.
Tifani: But I'd bet it would look even better on Mikako's floor.
Luce: Um...
Mikako: Are you hitting on Luce... for me?

Tifani: Yeah, Katsue’s mad at me right now, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I don’t want to brag but, I have a lot of experience with women being mad at me.

Tifani: Tomorrow is another day.
Rozetta/Agnes: Yeah, but it might be worse.

Tifani, stroking Katsue's hair: You're so tiny and adorable
Katsue, half asleep: I could literally kick your ass right now
Tifani, looking at Katsue with heart eyes: I know

Owain: I’ve only known Rozetta for a day and a half, but if anything were to happen to her I’d kill everyone in this room and then myself.
Tifani: ….
Luce: ….
Jan: ….
Anko: Owain Sweetheart no…

Mikako: We both look very handsome tonight.
Luce: You know, if you’d just said that I looked handsome, I would’ve said “So do you”.
Mikako: I couldn’t take that chance.

Owain: Bad things keep happening to me. Like I have bad luck or something.
Jan: You don’t have bad luck.
Jan: The reason bad things happen to you is because you’re a dumbass.

Anko: Are you a big spoon or a little spoon?
Owain: I’m a knife.
Tifani, from across the room: He’s a little spoon.

Tifani: Guess what number I’m thinking of!
Luce, trying: 420?
Tifani: No. That’s really immature of you, Luce. Someone guess and please take this seriously.
Naomi, just entering the room: It’s 69.
Tifani: Hey, I’m mature enough to pick a different number!
Tifani, turning back to Luce: Yeah, it was 69.

Tifani Stanley

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Re: Incorrect RP quotes

Message par Rozetta Kuchinashi le Mer 16 Mai - 21:02

Rozetta's Clone: *pointing at Rozetta* Shoot her! She's the clone!
Owain: *aiming gun at the clone* The real Rozetta would NEVER pass up an opportunity to die!

Jan: Forget it. I'm not getting into any more stupid debates with you.
Anko: Water is not wet.
Jan: How the fuck is water not wet it's water--

Luce: Agnes, pass me my keys.
Agnes: *tosses printer*
Luce: I said my keys.
Agnes: I thought you said printer!
Luce: Why the FUCK would I say printer?

Mikako: You're kinda my moose.
Luce: *smiles* It's muse.
Mikako: I know. I just wanted to see you smile.

*first meeting*
Hisashi: I have feelings for you!
Rozetta: *gasps* I have feelings for you!
Narrator: The feeling was friendship, but neither had ever experienced it.

Owain: I've heard people saying my name twice in my room. It's either ghosts or hallucinations.
Rozetta: It's me outside. You want some muffins?
Owain: What kind?
Rozetta: Zucchini, but it tastes like banana nut.
Owain: Bananas can nut?!?!?!?!?!
Rozetta: You know what, I'll keep my muffins.

Adele: Hey, guys, gentle reminder not to eat too much candy before bed.
Mikako: No.
Adele: This was a gentle reminder, yet your words of defiance bring me ungodly amounts of rage.

Owain: Fist me.
Anko: I--What the fuck?
Owain: *holds out fist for a fist bump*
Anko: Right, that's what you--Right, okay, Jesus fucking Chr--

Owain: It was lit!
Luce: The place was lit up?
Owain: No, it was LIT!
Rozetta: There was a fire?

Mikako: let me get this straight-
Mikako: or rather, let me run something BI you.
Tifani: let’s PAN this out!
Lillia: let us ace-cess the situation
Anko: im gay

Owain: What’s your biggest fear?
Rozetta: Being forgotten.
Owain: That’s deep.
Owain: Mine is the kool-aid man but I feel kinda stupid about it now.

Adele: I am god! I will tell you all that you want to know!
Jan: Tell me how much you love me.
Adele, blushing: A… whole lot…

Anko: Rozetta, I don’t like you.
Rozetta: Sorry, what did you say?
Anko: You heard me.
Rozetta: *in her head* And it turns out I actually didn’t hear what the fuck you just said.

Hisashi: I hate when I offer food to someone and they say yes.
Hisashi: Give it back
Hisashi: I was just being nice

Rozetta Kuchinashi


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Re: Incorrect RP quotes

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